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We got an app for that
We are passionate about developing mobile apps. Mobile applications are getting smarter and faster by the minute, and we love it.
We have established a strong expertise in the mobile domain by acquiring an extensive know-how and experience of building groundbreaking mobile applications on the major mobile operating systems: Windows Phone, iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android.
Whether you are looking for a native mobile application, or a web application or web site optimized for mobile devices, we can help.
Windows Phone
Just like Windows, Office, Xbox, Microsoft's Windows Phone is on its way to become a major player. Unlike any other mobile platform, Windows Phone natively supports the .NET framework (as seen in Windows)  that allows easy and seamless integration with Windows, Windows Servers, Office, Office 365 and many other existing data systems and platform.

Carelion is at the forefront of Windows mobile development and has a successful track record of creating cutting edge software applications for satisfying the requirements of discerning clients.  

iOS (iPhone/iPad)    

Some call the iPhone the most monumental invention of our lifetime. It is hard to argue with that statement. Our goal, as iPhone developers, is to create stunning and innovative mobile apps for our customers. Using a strict iPhone programming methodology, our iPhone team works exclusively on creating the most functional and friendly user experience for the iPhone interface. We develop productivity apps, utility apps, photo and video apps and many more. Since our iPhone team only designs iPhone apps, they know what will work, and what will not work, specifically on the iPhone device. This makes us more efficient than our competitors, and more affordable for our customers. 

We love developing new solutions for the latest and greatest hardware on the planet. The advent of the iPad opened our eyes to one simple truth: more devices means more design. In short, an iPad will usually require a different interface than the iPhone. 


It didn't take long for Android to stake a huge claim in the mobile app marketplace. Android apps are more customizable and have less restrictions than their Apple counterpart. In short, Android allows more customization of the Android device than Apple does. This is a huge difference when considering the scope of an Android app's functionality. Carelion is ready to develop your Android App. 

Other Platforms

In addition to emerging Windows Phone market, our business currently follows the industry trends which stress a heavily Android and iOS saturated market. Our business model is adaptable to the demand in the marketplace, however. Carelion is fully capable of creating applications for devices such as Blackberry, Kindle, Nook etc...

As the mobile application industry evolves, we will be ready ready for whatever comes next. When other platforms in the mobile app craze demand our attention, we will be ready. You can count on that. 

Contact us or call 1-800-610-9100, tell about your project and we will be more than happy to show how we can help you.