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Graphics design and your Corporate Identity
Temporary Placeholder Image Corporate Identity is a physical expression of the company’s brand, by which it makes itself distinct through the image it presents itself to the world using collaterals such as business cards, letterheads, sales brochures and other stationary items. A corporate identity is, put simply, a symbol. It can be as simple as a color scheme or a word written a certain way. or a picture. These physical images are often associated with the “image” of the company behind them.
We can help you to make a lasting connection with your customer base by recognizable logos, creative business cards, elegant letterheads, inviting envelopes, stunning brochures and many other identity elements.
Our corporate identity design includes fine quality of font styles, colors, shapes, layout conventions, backgrounds and good photographic effects.
Contact us or call 1-800-610-9100, tell us about your project and we will be more than happy to show how we can help you. 

Logo Design
A business is identified by an icon in its simplest form; i.e. logo. Logos help to identify certain product, not to explain it. Effective logo design helps in promoting instant public recognition.

Logo designs trigger the company’s identity in the global market. People recognize and react to color, shapes, lines, fonts and other symbolic forms with emotions tied to their experiences. Popular logos are also identifiable in other languages






Letterhead is considered a formal piece of “company” paper used when printing letters. The letterhead design will typically showcase the name of your company, contact details etc. Letterheads are used in our day-to-day business communication such as issuing receipts, invoices, bills, among other things.

Letterheads do not only contain the company’s details, but also help in building the corporate identity. A letterhead can also display your products or services which in turn act as a tool in promoting your business.

Our experienced design team can effectively help you to build the brand of your business. Our letterhead designs will tell volumes about your corporate identity.Add Content..

Business Cards
Like a web site, or facebook page, business card is an important part of your corporate identity. Despite their small size, business card can include a great deal of information. Your business card is your representative.

A professional business card is a great way to market your company and the services it offers. A business card is very beneficial for anyone who meet people. It saves the time and effort to note down one’s professional contact details.

We can produce business card designs that will enable you to communicate a clear message to your prospective clients.


Print Ads
Most local businesses use newspapers and magazines to advertise their goods and services, so do the big industrial giants. Print Ads are one of the vital components of marketing mix. They are paid form of non-personal communication about an organization, product, service, or idea from an identified organization.

In print media, the advantage of catering to specific target audience opens up countless opportunities to enhance sales figures. Print Ads do not have limited exposure; readers can go back to the message again and again if so desired. Effectiveness of response to the campaign can be easily measured.

We offer effective Print ad designs to market your business in print media. We will develop fresh and trendy designs for visual appeal.


A brochure or catalogue is an important step in promoting your brand. This type of document is destined to be seen by a curious public who have not yet discovered what you offer. It is crucial that your brochure or catalogue be enticing to potential clients.
Carelion has spent years exercising the philosophy that strong concepts create successful projects. Appeal to your public in a way that makes sense. We will research and develop concepts that your target market will relate to, while staying true to your business identity.

Place your confidence in Carelion and watch your business grow day after day.


Flyers and leaflets are very influential and popular online marketing tool. An elegant flyer design depicts the vision and objective behind a business unit.

Flyer has been widely used for announcements, events and other promotional activities. The flyers/leaflets are a convincing media for the target consumers. It can be distributed publicly or handed out at networking events.

We provide quality flyers that will assist you in attracting prospective business. We have competence and experience in providing flyer designs that can trigger the desire in the viewers’ mind to eagerly reach out for your product.


...and much more!!

Here are examples of some project types we have succesfully designed for our clients:

  • Presentations and business graphics and charts
  • Data driven  Powerpoint presentations and templates
  • Office Document Templates (i.e. Word, Excel)
  • E-mail templates, standardized e-mail signatures
  • Business gifts and promotional products
  • Invoices and other forms, PDF-forms
  • Product packaging
  • Optical disk labels and sleeves
  • Banners, Posters
  • Custom Labels
  • Envelopes, Folders
  • Holiday Greeting cards
  • Product illustrations and animation
  • Photorealistic 3D models (still or animated)
  • Product photography
  • Corporate photography (headshots, events etc.)
  • Audio/Video production

Contact us or call 1-800-610-9100, tell about your project and we will be more than happy to show how we can help you.